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Advisory Boards and Education Committees:

Establish criteria for selecting board and committee members
Earmark duties, responsibilities and evaluation methods
Draft agreements and compensation packages
Plan communication strategies using face-to-face meetings, audio and Web conferencing
Develop mechanisms for reviewing and approving planning documentation
Establish process for Program review and evaluation
Plan sessions to continually update members

Policy and Procedure Manuals:

Generate electronic policies and procedures to facilitate day-to-day operations
Establish referenced guidelines to increase efficiency and effectiveness of administrative unit
Facilitate ongoing training of current and new staff, committee and board members
Create institutional memory in the advent of unanticipated staff turnover

Administration and Management:

Identify overriding principles of management
Utilize management principles to run efficient administrative units
Employ policies and procedures to guide day-to-day operations
Create templates, checklists for use in educational setting
Design other tools to ease burden of managing a CME/CE unit

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